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  • Are you currently using an adaptive vehicle?
  • What do you want your mobility equipment to do for you?
  • Will your vehicle's suspension support the weight of the equipment you are considering?
  • Do you own a vehicle that you wish to adapt?
  • Are you going to be the Driver?
  • If you are going to be the Driver, will you be able to transfer into the driver"s seat or will you drive from your wheelchair?
  • What do you want a wheelchair/scooter lift to do for you?
  • Do you prefer to store your chair inside or outside your vehicle?
  • Would special modifications like hand brakes, steering aids, gear shift extensions, make driving your vehicle easier?
  • Are you eligible for special financing or assistance?

Mobility equipment is our business. We have over 35 years experience selling, installing and servicing mobility equipment. We'll be glad to help you find answers.

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